Course Syllabus


    Ms. Diana Creekmore

    Tippecanoe Virtual Academy

    Tippecanoe High School - Room 115

    School Phone- (937) 667-8448 

    E-mail – dcreekmore@tippcity.k12.oh.us



    Course Objectives:

    Our objective in this class will be to help you to recover credit(s) or help you earn initial credit(s) in any class we offer here at THS, via the Apex software platform.



    Materials Needed:

              Spiral notebook with at least 100 sheets of paper - one for each class you will be taking in TVA

              Pencils/Pens (blue or black ink only)

              Laptop computer- provided in TVA lab- you may not take them out of the lab! 





    Method of Instruction Utilized:

            Students in TVA are working on individualized plans (either credit recovery or initial credit classes) and classes are done on-line.  We use laptop computers, which are provided. Of course, I am here to help you with any subject matter you may be struggling with, so just ask! 



    Grade Scale:               

          90 -100 = A
          80 - 89 = B
          70 - 79 = C
              60 - 69 = D

          59 and below = F



    Students Strategies for Success (Class Rules and Consequences):

    1. You are required to be on time to class each day. Unexcused tardies to my class will result in detentions. Repeated violations will additionally result in an office referral.

    2. Bring all needed materials to class (pens, paper, books, etc.). You will not be permitted to go to your locker to get materials you should be bringing every day!
    3. Be kind and respectful to others in the room- this means keep your hands, feet and unkind words to yourself.
    4. Focus on your on-line lesson and use your time wisely so you will be successful in this class! This also means to be quiet and put away all other electronics unless I have given you permission to do otherwise.

    5. Please no food or drink in the classroom.

    6.Please note the school rules. All of them apply in this room and you will

    be subject to any consequences specified by those rules!



    Violation of my classroom rules or school rules will result in one or several of the following: a verbal warning, detention, and/or a trip to the office (which will result in a more severe punishment). I don't anticipate exhausting these avenues, so think before you act!



    Have a great year!   -Ms. Creekmore


Last Modified on September 10, 2020