•   Canterbury Tales
    "Just like the Canterbury pilgrims,
    we're all on a journey with people from vastly different places in life"
    Welcome to Ms. Mahaney's Web Page
    Contact: 667-8448 ext 2761 or Email
    Experience: 23 years/19 years in Tipp City
    Education:   B.Ed. Univ of Toledo 1995 cum laude (Highly Qualified)
                        Tippecanoe High School 1991
    Courses:     AP English Literature and Composition 12
                      PreAP English 10
                      Yearbook/Newspaper Class

    Professional Experience: State Certified Mentor to Resident Educator program (2011-present), Cooperating Teacher for preservice teachers (2006-07, 2008-09, 2011, 2016-17, 2018) OTES Evaluation Committee (2012-14), District Compensation Committee (2013-15), TCEA Vice President of Membership (2014-present)




    Summer Reading Information

    Accelerated English 10

    Assignment: Summer Reading Assignment Packet

    Support Material: Dialectical Journal Sheet (feel free to print these OR just use notebook paper and draw a line down dividing the quote/response)
                              Where I am From poem (use this poem as the bones/model for your two response poems for Our Town--character and personal)
                              Sketch Journal Example 1
                              Sketch Journal Example 2 
                              Video to watch about SketchNotes/Journal:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ItcHag3agE
                              Bump Up Letter (bumping up from CP9, read this letter)
                              Move-In letter (moving to Tipp and taking Acc English 10, read this letter)


    AP English Literature and Composition

    Assignment:  Assignment Packet

    Support Material: Literary 3 x 3 Explanation Sheet 

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