• Hello!  If you are looking for information regarding what to do during our time away from school, continue reading below:

    American Literature 11: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  -- Your base assignment is the completion of 8 pages of reading per day.

    CP English 10: The Great Gatsby -- Your base assignment is the completion of 5 pages of reading per day.

    The pages of reading should be completed 5 days per week, Monday - Friday. 

    For the sake of consistency with other classes, I have migrated the rest of my material to Google Classroom.  You have been invited to the classroom corresponding with your class period. 

    In your Google Classroom, you can find the E-Book version of your text, as well as audio files of me reading your book out loud.  You'll also be able to find opportunities there to interact with your text. 

    So, log in to my Google Classroom.  Carry out your reading assignment, and continue to check in to Google Classroom for things you can do and say. Do not hesitate to email me with any issues, questions, or comments.  My email address is linked below.

    Wash your hands, practice social distancing, call your grandparents, and take care of yourself!


    KMoore's Quarantine Indie Playlist


    Kyle Moore
    CP English 10, English 11, Hope Squad
    937-667-8448 ext. 2764
                                                               College: The Ohio State University
                                                               Degrees: B.A., M.Ed
                                                               Hometown: Covington, OH
                                                               Years at Tipp: 9

Mr. KMoore

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