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     Personal Finance On Air
                                     Career and College Readiness

     Child Development                                                  
                                                                  Destination Imagination
    Creative Coding
    Mrs. Staub
    Pam Staub

    Bachelors Degree:
    Bowling Green State University (1986)
    Majors include:
    Family and Consumer sciences,
    Computers and technology in education
    Masters Degree
    University of Dayton
    Area of Study:
    Computers and Technology in education
    Member Of :
    Superior Public Relations/Community
    Service Award (1997)
    Teacher of the year award (1996)


    Dear THS Students and Parents,

    I am looking forward to an exciting and safe school year.  I have created an Open House video for you that introduces myself to you, goes over the course syllabus, supply list etc.  Please watch the video by clicking on the link below.  I also have included a link to my slide show that has the syllabus, supply list and virtual tour of our Google Classroom.  Once you have viewed them please click on the digital signature link.  I have one link for parents and one link for students. 

    I am looking forward to meeting you!

    Pam Staub

    Open House Video

    Parent digital signature for syllabus

    Student digital signature for syllabus

    Personal Finance Syllabus and Supply List

    Child Development Syllabus and Supply List

     CCP Intro to Operating Systems:

    • Please sign in to your Sinclair account for sourse syllabus and supply list 


    tipp Please See your Google Classroom for  all lesson plans and assignments

    Tips for success:

    1. Always check your Google Classroom and School email.

    2. If you were not in class when we set up our Google classroom please email me your first and last name, course name, and period you have the course and I will email you your Google classroom code. My email is pkstaub@tippcity.k12.oh.us

    3. Please email me anytime with questions. I will do my best to be available from 7:40-2:40 everyday.

    4. Feel free to work with classmates to complete assignments. Use skype, google hangouts, Zoom, etc. to work in groups. THIS IS NOT CHEATING!  Please use each other to get things completed.

    5. All of your account logins are the same as they are at school.

    6. Try as best you can, if your health permits, to have everything completed when you return.

    7. DON’T STRESS OUT about the work. The most important thing is your health. We will get through this together.

    8. Click on your course on the left-hand side of the page for lesson plans for March 16-April 3. All other lesson plans are in your Google Classroom. 


    I am looking forward to a great year at THS. Please check my Web page regularly for updates on class assignments and projects. Below is a supplies list for all courses that I teach. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions and/or concerns.

    Let's work together for a super year!

    Pam Staub
    Telephone #  937-667-8448 Ext. 2552


    lesson plans

    Supply List for all classes:
    Folder with 3 prongs in the center
    Headphones or ear buds (These will be kept in the classroom)
    Flash Drive (optional)



    Destination Imagination 

Last Modified on August 25, 2020