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 Guidance Staff

The Guidance Department takes an active role in providing academic, career and personal development support and assistance to all students at Tippecanoe High School.

Counselors work with students, parents and teachers to enable students to make the most of their opportunities and educational experience at Tippecanoe. Counselors facilitate individual, as well as group programs, to enable students to become aware of responsibilities, skills, resources and abilities needed to become lifelong learners, productive workers and successful citizens.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the counseling services at Tippecanoe and consult their counselor with their social/personal concerns as well as career and college plans. When students need to see their counselor an appointment will be made as soon as possible during the student’s study hall or at a time that least interferes with the student’s academic classes. If there is an emergency situation the student will be seen without an appointment.

All teachers are encouraged to refer students to the counselors whenever there is a concern or need. In addition, counselors are available to assist teachers whenever needed. Counselors will upon request prepare an academic profile of the student, including applicable ability/achievement test scores, grade history, etc. 
For information about classes at Tippecanoe, graduation requirements, Honors Diploma requirements, weighted grades policy and a host of other important items, see the "Program of Studies & Scheduling Information" side bar on left side of this page.

Guidance Department Staff 

Each counselor has a special focus area (see below) but will keep their assigned students throughout the student’s time at Tippecanoe. 

Ms. Rachel Everhart 

REverhart@TippCity.k12.oh.us | (937) 669 - 6367 
Student's last name: A - F
Scholarships Coordinator, NMSC, ACT Site Supervisor, BYU Proctor, NCAA, Webpage, Campus Caravan, Junior Classroom Presentations

Mrs. Christine Schmidt

CSchmidt@TippCity.k12.oh.us | (937) 669 - 6365
Student's last name: G - O
AP Test Coordinator, PSAT Test Coordinator, PRE-ACT Test Coordinator, MVCTC Coordinator, Freshman & Sophomore Classroom Presentations, College Rep Coordinator

Mrs. Veronica Hlavac

VHlavac@TippCity.k12.oh.us | (937) 669-6369
Student's last name: P - Z
Graduation Coordinator, College Credit Plus (Formerly known as PSEO), OGT Testing, Ohio Assessments, Senior Classroom Presentations

Tracey Gaier

Guidance Secretary
 (937) 669-6366
   Please call 937-667-6419 or email             tgaier@tippcity.k12.oh.us with the following information:
             Name at time of graduation
             Year of Graduation
             Date of Birth
              Address to where and contact person to whom
            you want 
transcript mailed 

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