Model United Nations

Mission Statement

  • Model U.N. is for students interested in current events or international affairs, meeting students from other schools who are outgoing and inquisitive, students who are good public speakers or who are not afraid to get better.


    Our 2019-20 season is complete, but I look forward to seeing everyone next year as we work to build on the great success of the team this past year!

Club Description

  • Model United Nations started back in the 1950’s as a way to get high school students interested and educated about what the real United Nations does.  Each student takes on a country assignment and researches issues important to that country.

    Everyone who participates in Model United Nations will be expected to:

    1. Represent the viewpoint of a particular country (i.e. role play, get in character)
    2. Participate in discussions pertaining to real issues (i.e. GET INVOLVED)
    3. Experience how international decisions are made.

Activities Schedule

  • Our Model United Nations program at THS is in its twenty-fifth year, and we will attend six conventions this school year.  These are:

    1. Bowling Green University – mid-September 2020 – $10 per student
    2. Wyoming High School - late October 2020 ($35 per student, covers conference fees, lunch, and a t-shirt)
    3. University of Dayton – early November 2020, ($25 per student, which covers conference fees and transportation)
    4. Mason High School – January 2021 - $35 per student
    5. Miami University – early April 2021 - 2-Day conference - Usually costs $35 per student

    6. Possible Conference at Ohio Northern University in October 2020 - Stay tuned for more details!

    We have an award winning program, having won awards at many of the conferences we attended in the past.  Practices and meetings are held once or twice before each competition, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday after school.  Freshmen through Seniors are invited to participate.  Not only does Model United Nations look good on a high school transcript when applying for college, there are some universities that have scholarships and their own college teams that compete nationally every year.


  • Mr. Bellas is the advisor of the Model UN team.  He was the original founder of our school's program back in 1995 and also worked with Model UN teams in Arkansas.

    He can be reached at


Participation Fees

  • The annual fee for participation in Model UN is $75.  There are often smaller fees for each individual conference that we attend as well.

Last Modified on April 21, 2020