THS National Honor Society of Secondary Schools

Mission Statement


    The mission of Tippecanoe High School's National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of Tippecanoe High School.

Club Description

    The Tippecanoe High School Chapter of National Honor Society is under the sponsorship and supervision of the National Association of Secondary Schools Principals (NASSP). The local THS chapter conforms to the Constitution and recommended selection procedure in the NHS Handbook.
    Juniors and seniors with an unweighted 3.50 GPA and above are eligible for consideration for selection in National Honor Society.   Students must be enrolled for at least one semester at THS to be eligible.
    Selection Procedure

        Selection of students for membership in the THS National Honor Society is the responsibility of the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council consists of five faculty members who are appointed by the principal, and the chapter advisor who is a non-voting 6th member.

         The following procedure is used in the THS selection process:
    • Students who are eligible receive written notification of eligibility in the fall
    • Candidates for consideration are given the opportunity to complete a Student Activity Form.  This is not an application.  This form gives the candidate the opportunity to provide the selection committee with information about their school and community activities.  Students who do not complete the form are not eligible for selection.
    • Each faculty member is given NHS rating sheet that lists all the candidates. Utilizing a 4 point scale, the faculty members rate the students they have had contact with in class or through an extra-curricular activity.  The student is rated in the areas of character, leadership, and service.  The scores are tabulated and each student receives an average score for each of the areas.
    • The 5 member NHS Faculty Council review each candidate's scores and Student Activity Information Sheet to make the final selections.
    • The decision of the faculty council is final, and may not be appealed. 
    Notification of Selection

         Students are notified of selection during the school day (usually the day before Thanksgiving Break).
    Parents are notified by mail.
     Students are given information about the induction ceremony and membership obligations after being selected.
2015 NHS Induction Ceremony - New Members


  • Mrs. Ashley Ridge

    Mrs. Lisa Colebaugh


  • President: Libby Kaibas 

    Vice President: Makenna Koogler 

    Secretary: Riley Trzeciak

    Treasurer: Amelia Zweizig

Participation Fees

  • Annual dues for this chapter are $25 for new members and $15 for returning (2nd year) members. Dues should be paid to the chapter within 30 days of induction for new members and December 1 for returning members.

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