Science Fair, 2020-21

  • Due to COVID-19, the Science Fair will look a little different this year with recorded presentations of projects.  I will continue to contact you via email regarding your projects.  As always, please contact me with any questions.



    Mrs. Malott 


Miami Valley Science Day

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Club Description

  • Science Fair is an opportunity for middle school and high school students to create a self guided investigation.  Many students choose to conduct projects in areas they are interested in but may not be the focus of their current science class (some examples are forensics or microbiology).  Other students choose to investigate areas they may be considering for a major in college and eventually a career.  We also have many students who are involved in science fair because they are naturally curious about the world in which we live. 
    Science fair is extracurricular and self guided.  Students are given a timeline of due dates in September and they are responsible to keep their experiment moving along in a timely manner.  Our science staff provides assistance when asked but science fair is designed to be primarily student directed. 

Activities Schedule

Participation Fees

    Satisfaction of completing a long term project
    Resume builder 
    Career exploration
    Enjoyment of studying the world around you
    *** $3 million+  of scholarships are awarded at the state level every year. ***
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