Student Senate

Mission Statement

Club Description

  • The Student Senate is the governing body for students at Tippecanoe High School. Through the Student Senate, a purposeful relationship exists among, students, faculty, and administration. The Student Senate provides an elected representative body to effectively govern student affairs. The Student Senate has leadership responsibilities regarding assemblies, organizations/clubs, the activity calendar, school policies, dances, and other special projects. Elected members must accept many responsibilities and fulfill many obligations. Participation is a privilege, not a right and must at all times comply with the guidelines established by the Student Code of Conduct.

Activities Schedule

  • Just a few of Student Senate's activities:
    • Summer leadership retreat
    • New student teacher welcome lunch
    • Spirit Week
    • Powder Puff game
    • Homecoming parade and dance
    • Build a Beard
    • Turn-a-bout
    • Wellness Week


  • President:  Olivia Shirley

    Vice-President: Omar Fallon

    Secretary: Alexa Spiller

    Treasurer: Maya Vyas

    Asst. Secretary: Chloe Woodworth

Participation Fees

Last Modified on November 7, 2016