• Mr. Robert L. Crawford
    667-8454 ext. 2500
    Hi all.  "Distance Learning" will now be in effect for the rest of the  2019-2020 School Year.  Please read below to find out how to contact me.
    Stay Safe - Mr. Crawford
    WELCOME TO DISTANCE LEARNING INTERVENTION FOR 2019-2020.  This is all new, but we will get through it :-)
    First, any questions or hiccups in your students classes, please contact me through e-mail.  I check this often during the day.
    I have "Office" contact time from 9 to 10 AM Monday through Friday.  Also, if you go my google classroom use the Intervention Class for All.  The log in code for that class is = yejh6jl.  I will also be checking in with the other classes that I am in.
    Thank you to all.
    Intervention Specialist in his 38th year of teaching.
    Mr. Crawford
    A Highly Qualified Teacher of the State of Ohio
    University of Dayton, Murray State University, Union College, and Brookville High School.
    Graduate course work completed through Drake University and Rio Grande University.
    Welcome to my webpage.  I am glad you have taken the time to get here and interested in what is happening in my classes.
    Special Note - Any parent or student needing extra help on work, I can make myself available at 7 AM in the morning on school days.  Just email me when you'd like to get together. 
    The 2019 - 2020 school year begins my 38th year of teaching and the 34th here at Tippecanoe.  My entire career has been as an Intervention Specialist and I have taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Also, I have achieved the status of a Highly Qualified Teacher. 
    As an Intervention Specialist, I work with an array of students helping them to adapt, cope, and comprehend the materials that are presented to them. In my classes I expect students to bring all necessary materials for that class; bring an open mind; ask scholarly questions, and follow the student policies of Tippecanoe Exempted Schools and Tippecanoe Middle School.  Students and parents can expect from me assignments graded and posted within 24 hours of being turned in and having phone calls and emails responded to in a timely manner.
    I am a 1978 graduate of Brookville High School in Brookville, OH, 1982 graduate of Union College in Barbourville, KY, 1985 graduate of Murray State University in Murray, KY, 1992 graduate of the University of Dayton, and have attended many other colleges/universities completing course work.  
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