• LT Ball Intermediate School

    Building Goals

    Provide a safe environment for all students
    • Review and practice procedures for safety drills including fire, tornado and lock-down situations
    • Address student conflicts immediately and support students in improved problem solving

    Continue to grow professionally both in knowledge and practices to serve our students and meet their individual learning needs
    • Hold monthly grade level meetings focused on the topics of using data to inform instruction, developing engaging instruction, reflection and assessment
    • Utilize monthly staff meetings as a forum for sharing professional readings, ideas and strategies for improving student learning
    • Review and refine the implementation of our intervention and enrichment period
    • Learn and grow from each other through peer coaching

    Strengthen school/family/community partnerships
    • Showcase student academic projects, talents, and achievement through Native American Museum, Math and Science Night, Celebration of the Arts, and Wax Museum
    • Honor our local veterans through the Veterans’ Day Appreciation Ceremony and Luncheon
    • Provide special parent and child evenings through the Hoe-Down and Blizzard Blast Dances
    • Partner with families and community organizations in support of charitable organizations such as Needy Basket, American Heart Association Hoops for Heart, and Relay for Life