The 5th Grade Class of 2027!

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    NO SPELLING TEST for this week. We will start fresh next week, see plans.  2/13/2020

    Additional School Supplies: Your child will not need the 1 1/2" -3 ring binder from the supply list  if they are in the Clodfelter/ Fischer pod, but we would like them to have colored markers, one black sharpie marker, and two red pens instead.  Thank you so much for adjusting. 

       Thank you for visiting our classroom web page. I will be your child's teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. I received a masters degree in education from Wright State University. Besides teaching, I enjoy water skiing, biking,  snowmobiling, and spending time with Mark and Mitch. This school year, I will be teaching Social Studies and Language Arts. Mrs. Clodfelter will teach Science and Math. Below you will find weekly plans and general information.
    Spelling: Weekly Spelling Tests  
    The spelling test will be given on Friday or the last day in the week. Your child is allowed to take the spelling workbook home over the weekend to complete two pages ahead of the due date, however the majority of the workbook pages need to be completed in the given class time.
    AR: Each student is required to read two Accelerated Reader books by the end of each quarter. I really need your help encouraging your child to read two AR books a quarter. One book needs to be non-fiction and the other a fiction book. Many students scramble to read the two books the last two days of the quarter and then don't do as well on the AR test. Students also tend to choose books below their reading range and then the benefit of reading is not there. If you would help them remember to read when they don't have homework, it would cut down on the stress of reading a book in a short amount of time. Thank you for any support you can give your child. Quarter one, two AR books are due on 10/16/19.
    Brain Pop is a great way to learn about Science and Social Studies as well as review lessons that we have learned about this year. You can use the school username ltb and password tippcity up until 5:30 to practice.
    Scholastic Book Orders:  Order on line and use our class code GNHC2
    Extra Import Information
    Extra School Supplies needed for the school year: colored markers, a black sharpie marker, and 2 red pens. No binder needed. 
    Special schedule follows an A,B,C,D for day rotation. The first day of school, my class will attend computer, followed by art, music, and then P.E. Lunch is at 12:30 everyday. There will be no snack time in the 5th grade.
    Please do not allow your child to take anything out of their black binders unless it is in the front "take-home" section. Many of the papers contained in the binder are things that are "works in progress" and are needed in class.
    Don't forget, each student needs to read two AR books on their own by the end of  each quarter . Students need to read one non-fiction and one fiction book this quarter. These scores will be put into the grade book. Therefore, if they do not do this reading, their reading grade will be effected. 
    * Parent(s) be sure to check for your child's graded work to come home each Monday.
    * Check your child's "take-home" section in the black binder each day for papers completed together in class and other important news.




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