I will be posting each weeks work on a distance learning page on my website each Thursday. This Upcoming week’s work to turn in is the writing. I attached the project here again:  Using the journal paper attached or a piece of blank paper, write 2-3 sentences about something you have done while we have been away from school. It’s okay if you don’t spell the words correctly, just write the sounds you hear. Draw a picture to match. 

    Take a picture of your writing and send it to your teacher!

    I have also added another page to go with my read alouds.  I added links to guided drawings to go with each story.  Check it out and have fun... be creative! 

    Scholastic Newsletter Magazines are now available to you at home on-line.  Just click on my page for Scholastic Weekly Readers Let's Find Out. The directions on how to get to the website and how to log in are all there for you.


    Kindergarten web page

            I graduated in May 2004 from the University of Toledo with a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and a license to teach Pre-K to 3rd grade.  I have taught in Tipp City since 2004.  I have a bachelor degree in Recreational Therapy.  I worked as a recreational therapist for two years before deciding to go back to school to get my masters in Education.  I am truly glad that I did.  I am having a wonderful time teaching all of your bright, enthusiastic children! J
          I live in Tipp City with my husband, Dan.  We have three children, Abigayle, Drew and Izzy. They are all growing too fast and they are all in Tipp City Schools as well.

     If you have any questions, concerns, or you just want to tell me something exciting about your child throughout the year feel free to contact me.   You can email me from this Website mmpoffenberger@tippcity.k12.oh.us , call me at Nevin Coppock 667-2275 , or send a note.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  I hope your child not only learns from me, but that I also learn from your child.


    :) Mrs. Poffenberger         Mrs. Poffenberger   



     Top Ten little Things That Make a BIG Difference

    1.       Count, count, count – when you are driving, the number of crackers you are eating, the number of napkins that need to be put on the table…Count by 1s to 100, by 5s and 10s to 100, by 2s to 20 and backward from 20 to 0.


    2.     Look for numbers when driving or walking. They are everywhere – speed limits, addresses, etc. Try to recognize numbers 0-20 and beyond.


    3.     Make patterns. You can use Fruit Loops, M&Ms, and toys. Patterns are important for our math and reading!


    4.     Practice addition and subtraction. Use counters like candy, cotton balls, marshmallows, blocks and more. Practice recognizing the math symbols that go along with these operations.


    5.     Tell time to the hour. Make it part of your routine to look at the clock.


    6.     Write first and last name with one capital letter and the rest lowercase. Use crayons, pencils, and markers. Practice in sand, in paint, in rice.


    7.     Play the rhyme game – rhyming helps with early reading.


    8.     Letters and more letters! Practice writing, recognizing, and sounds. You can do this by writing them, using flashcards or magnets, and a fun way is to write them in shaving creme. Try putting a little shaving creme on a baking sheet, spread it out, and write with fingers. Once you master letters try sounding out to write sentences. See if you can write 3 about the same topic.


    10.  READ! READ! READ! Kindergarteners will read a DRA level C or higher by the end of the year. Start at your level and read. Try learning our K sight words, sound out unknown words and enjoy listening to stories read out loud.   Get the year started right by ordering books for your child and get more books for our classroom free! Here is how:


    Shop Online: http://scholastic.com/readingclub

    Class Activation Code:NHTKC
    Go to this sight and enter this code one time and it will be set for future orders.  If you have friends, family or neighbors that want to order they can too and our classroom with get free stuff!  Just pass this code along to them!  The books will be sent to my classroom and I will send them home with your child.  Or, if the books are a surprise, then you can pick them up in the office.




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