During 5 day in-school instruction choir will function as a performance class.  HS students will meet in the auditorium and employ the use of facemasks, spacing, ventalation and purification, reduced singing times and individual copies of all music to create a safe enviornment.  MS students will be separated and again use facemasks, space, air ventalation and purification, reduced singing and invididual materials.  All concert dates and performances are tentative at this time.
    During online instruction there will be a combination of singing and performance preparation and music reading, history and theory information for students.  I use googleclassroom and zoom almost exclusively.  
    Mrs. Amanda Hughes
    937-667-8448 Ext. 2712
    I am very pleased to be a part of the tradition of excellence in the choral music program at Tipp City High School.
    It is my hope to continue this trend while building an even stronger program through extra activities, exciting new music and new ways to learn. 
    As a teacher it is my responsibility to provide students with a vocal music program that focuses on excellence at all levels.
      In an enviornment of respect and consistancy I will provide the following:
    *  A musical foundation of both vocal and theory based skills
    *  A wide variety of musical literature
    *  A cyclical approach to sight reading that will provide students ownership of their musical skills
    *  Opportunies to work with outside directors and musicians
    *  Opportunies for individual vocal and musical growth 
    *  Successful performance in concert
    *  Successful performance in OMEA Contest Events
Last Modified on August 21, 2020