• Regarding Covid-19 Remote Learning Plans:

    Greetings, and thank you for popping in!


    As the social distancing and quarantine continues, we are continuing to adapt in order to finish out our school year to the best of our ability. 


    A few things I want to share with you personally: 


    While we are "all in this together" in the sense that we need to operate as a group for the good of everyone, I want to also recognize that we are all individuals, with different situations, and different needs at this time.  If you are struggling with the assignments, technoglogy, food to sustain your family... anything that I might possibly be able to help ease your burden or stress, let me know.  I will do what I can to direct you, and work with you and your students to ensure that we all make it through this! 


    Regarding Art Classes, I think GRACE, FLEXIBILITY, and CREATIVITY are key words moving forward.  As a parent of 3 kids along a 9 year span of age, I can understand that this is a challenging time for many of us as we try to piece together the education of our child, and help them to navigate the requirements.  We are HEAVILY reliant on technology to hold it all together.  Some of us are quite knowledgable regarding this technology, and most likely have it together where this is concerned.  Others of us are navigating the learning curve.  Myself included here, again, both as teacher and parent.  If you are having trouble, and cannot manage to figure out the technology side of this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  If you notice something that I have created for students does not seem to be working correctly, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I cannot stress how important communication is at a time like this, and will thank you in advance for any efforts you make to reach out, and I assure you I will do my best to reach out as well!


    Also, whenever possible, please instill the same in your student!  Encourage them to reach out to me if they have a question, can't get something to work, or just want to SAY SOMETHING.  I am already loving the comments and sharing that I am getting in response to  online lessons.  YES PLEASE encourage your students to keep sharing with me photos and comments that show me their creativity.  It does not have to be the assignments I give.  I just as much appreciate seeing what your students are CHOOSING to be creative with, and that they are continuing to stretch their minds BEYOND what is required.


    With that all being said, I am really focusing right now on using Google Classroom for assignments and information.  Parents, if you haven't already, you are MORE THAN WELCOME to have access to the Google Classroom.  Let me know if you can't do this yourself, and I will have an invitation sent to you that should make it easy! 


    Initially when checking the classroom, students will see a "stream" section.  Newly assigned work should show up in this stream, but will not have a lot of detail.  In addition, they will see other items shared here:  information about changes to procedures, reminders about things that may be missing, and information about weekly artists and extra activities that are NOT assignments, but just information to be shared!


    Students should then be sure to check into the ASSIGNMENTS area for more details about the work being given.  This area will give due dates, have attachments to open, have access to rubrics to show how grading will be given, etc.  ALL WORK NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THIS PAGE UNLESS SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE.  Students can easily drag in their files, photos, etc. in this area and submit the work required.  This page allows me to easily track who has completed the assignments, and even grade it right within the program.


    Regarding grades, I will be following the guildelines set forth by the district.  I will be recording grades in Google Classroom, and students can see their scores.  However, this will translate a bit differently when recorded in PowerSchool for their final grades.  For that reason, you will not see much recorded in the online ProgressBook gradebook until nearer the end of the quarter.


    Lastly, I am currently giving due dates to all assignments given.  For my 8th grade students taking the HS level class, as much as you can adhere to these due dates the better.  As we've discussed in the past, allowing work to go undone for a length of time creates a snowball effect, and often becomes overwhelming, a source for stress, and for many students a reason to shut down/become unmotivated.  However, following the due dates allows you to space out the work a bit more and ensures that you are creating quality work.  I will be showing GRACE in these due dates.  If a student is showing effort, and is communicating with me about problems completing the work, they will not be penalized for turning things in late.  There will be a time at the end of the quarter that work MUST be turned in, but I will notify students with plenty of time before that occurs. 


    6th/7th grade students, the due date will be for a week out from when the assignment is posted.  Again, there will be no penalty for turning it in late.  This is just a suggested date, as I know assignments will be given from OTHER specials classes at that time.  It simply signified the close of the WEEK that Art has been assigned to.  Any assignments that have not been turned in can be turned in at any time following!  While I always encourage students to get work done in a timely manner, I also tell them it is always "better late than never!"


    If you have other questions I have not answered, please feel free to reach out to me!

    *If you have questions about getting back student artwork that was at the school at the time of the initial closure, HANG TIGHT!  I am waiting to hear from our building administration about how this will be handled, and will do what I can to let you know as I receive answers, too!  Information will be forthcoming!


    6th and 7th Grade:

    Students will receive art lessons in rotation with other specials-area classes.  Where one week they may have an assignment from health or pe, the next week it might be choir or art.  I will be posting "Artist of the Week:  Alphabetical Edition".  I have been doing this all year, and enjoy sharing information about various artists, some local, some international, some historical and some current, some sculptors or photographers or graphic designers or animators, etc.  Its a wide variety.  This is purely an optional activity for students at this time.  See Google Classroom for more information.


    The first actual art assignment will be started April 13th and is still available in Google Classroom for completion.  A new assignment will be coming May 11, so be sure to check the classroom at that time! 


    I will do my best to make this assignment to use materials accessable to all of us.  As outlined below, there are some basic supplies you are requested to have at your disposal:  Pencils, scissors, glue, colored pencils, etc.  (See below message from the beginning of the year!)  We will be utilizing these materials in the upcoming lessons!


    Art I/8th Grade:

    Students will be receiving a weekly assignment.  We will continue with our Monday schedule introducing a new element or principle of design.  Resources will be shared in Google Classroom with a short "quiz" to test your understanding to see if you are ready to move on to your assignment.


    The assignment is to complete your weekly page just as we have done in the past.  The only difference is that you will submit your work by inserting a picture of your completed artwork in the Google Doc with your paragraph.  You may share this google document with me at any time BEFORE Friday at 4:00 to receive help in editing, suggestions for improvement, etc.  (This SHOULD increase your grade on the assignment!)  Once finalized, submit the work in Google Classroom!  EASY!



    Do not email work.  Shared documents will not be considered "turned in".  They MUST be submitted via the Google Classroom unless special arrangements have been made.

    If you have any issues with submitting via google classroom or creating a google doc, please let me know, and we will trouble shoot as needed.

    Also, these pages will be following a new syllabus as due dates must be updated since we missed a week of assignments. 

    I will attach the new syllabus in google classroom, but you may also look on my "current projects" page listed to the left on this page.  If you click on Art I:  Weekly Portfolio Assignment, it will show you the new dates.


    Please feel free to follow the Art classroom on Facebook for additional reminders and updates! (@ Tipp Middle School Art)

    And as always, email me as needed: pbrown@tippcity.k12.oh.us  (*email is the quickest way to get a response, or students can also send me a private comment in the Google Classroom Assignment.  Generally, you will receive a response within 24 hours, if not sooner, with the exception of the weekends.  I do make it a point to be working SPECIFICALLY from 3-4:00 daily, so if you want a quick response, that is a good time to catch me!)

    Thank you for your support, assistance, and grace as we move ahead and do our best to work together.  This is new territory for us all.  Hopefully it will go smoothly.  But if you have issues, do NOT HESITATE to contact me!   We will work through this together!


    I hope to hear from you soon!





    I am so excited for a fresh start and a new year!

    Here's a bit of information you may want to know as we start in on this first week.  These items should have been on your child's list for this year, but it may be hard to tell what is needed for which class.  Don't worry.  We'll go over this DAY ONE, and  I will send home a packet in the first two days that goes over this plus a lot of other information.  (I hope you join us for Open House on 8/21!  I will have copies of the packets for the parents!)

    Meanwhile, here's a bit to get your started!


    Supplies for all grades:

    This is all you need for class! We keep it pretty basic and simple!

    Non-mechanical #2 pencils (Mechanical do not work for drawing and shading!)

    One two-pocket pronged folder (to be kept in class)

    Lined paper (loose leaf or ringbound is ok)

    Agenda Book (Given out first day)

    Supply Pouch (Art I students only, will be given out during first week.)


    Other Supplies :

    These will come in handy if you need to work on something OUTSIDE of class, but you do not need to bring with you on a regular basis.

    Colored Pencils



    Liquid Glue


    Permanent black marker 



    Other Items to Consider for Donation:

    There are always additional needs.  The following are things you can give that we use ALL THE TIME and would help us use the budget towards OTHER supplies!  If there are items BESIDES these that you'd like to get or are cleaning out of your home, feel free to email me and see if its something I can use.  (Chances are, if I can't use it, there will be another teacher in the district I can connect you with that could!)

    Pronged Folders


    Disinfectant Wipes

    Paper Plates

    Styrofoam Plates

    Yarn (Solid Colored Skeins)

    #2 Pencils

    Gift Cards to Art Supply or Department Stores!


    Also, please check my blog page here weekly!  I will be posting my Artist A-Z Extra Credit information!  Students will have this presented in class, but if they forget what letter we are on or which artist was already presented, this is a great place to look!



Mrs. P. Brown



Degrees and Certifications:

+Associate of Arts, Hesston College, Hesston, KS +Bachelor's of Arts, Goshen College, Goshen, IN +2006 - 2008 K-6/Yearbook at Troy Christian Schools +2008 - 2010 3rd/4th/5th Grade Art,Huber Heights + 2010 - 2013 8th Grade General Art, Weisenborn Middle School, Huber Heights ...and now adding Tipp City!

Mrs. P. Brown

Tidbits about me...
I love art.  Art has been a huge passion in my life since birth.  My mother was an artist, and gave private lessons in our home while otherwise being a stay at home mother.  She had us learning art from the beginning.  Art continued being a passion through school age, into the college years, where I met my husband who was also an Art major.  We now reside in Troy, where my husband runs his art studio, creating giant oil paintings of cars as an Automotive Artist.  I also work in the studio, creating my own mixed medium work, combining chalk pastels, charcoal, and paper into illustrative works.  This past summer, I started reaching for an additional goal of mine:  to write and illustrate a children's book using my own developed style. The story board is fairly complete.  Now its on to illustration!  Our 3 little girls are there at home with us, and can be often found working in the studio as well.  Art is a family affair for me, and one I hope to teach my students to incorporate into many facets of their lives.
Besides teaching and spending time with my little family, I love to read, excercise, get outdoors, and enjoy coffee and conversations.  Art opens up so many opportunities for conversation with my students.  I'm often amazed at their insight and understanding of sometimes difficult topics, and yet they haven't lost their desire for fun and creativity.  Its a great age for discovery and learning!