We believe in:

    Caring, supportive staff members
    Active learning experiences
    Communicating high expectations for all students
    Instructional innovations
    Developing a sound attitude of good sportsmanship and fair play
    Developing problem-solving skills
    Developing confidence in one's ability and positive attitudes
    Meeting each child's emotional, physical, creative, intellectual and environmental needs


    We believe that:

    Children should actively engage themselves in the learning process.
    It is possible for everyone to learn.
    Each student learns differently.
    Students should always try their best.
    Teachers should know their students and how they learn.
    The greatest influence on student learning is what parents, teachers and the community model in their actions, thoughts and beliefs.
    Change means trying something new, evaluating the outcome and then trying something even better.
    Learning is lifelong and occurs in every aspect of an individual's life.