Math Counts

Mission Statement

  • MathCounts will expose students to higher-level math problems that require creative problem-solving techiques.  Exposure to these types of problems will help students to increase their math abilities and to reason and think outside-the-box to solve complex problems.

Club Description

Activities Schedule

  • The 2018 MathCounts team members are: Davis Featherstone, Matt Salmon, Blake McCullough, Ethan Royse, Sean Nichols, Annaleah Lambert, Will Riechle and Nick Neves.  They will be competing in the Dayton Regional MathCounts competiton on Saturday February 24th at the Universityof Dayton.  

    Update:  the Tippecanoe MathCounts team placed 3rd in the Dayton Area MathCounts competition which ties the school record for the hishest team placement!  Congratuations! 

    There will be an awards ceremony on Wednesday April 4th in the TMS Library so the MathCounts team can get their plaques.


TMS MathCounts Team


Participation Fees

  • There is a $20 participation fee for the 8 students that will be representing Tippecanoe Middle School at the Dayton Regional Competition at the University of Dayton in February.  The team will be determined in November/December after the school-wide MathCounts competition is held in the students' math classrooms.

  • The TMS MathCounts team competed at the Dayton Regional MathCounts competition at UD.  The team received a 3rd place finish.  Team members are: Matt Salmon, Sean Nichols and Davis Featherstone.  Matt was 14th place overall and Sean finished in 15th place.  Individuals that also participated were: Ethan Royse, Annaleah Lambert, Will Riehle and Nick Neves.  Great Job to all participants!