Quiz Bowl 2020-2021 - Sadly we will not be hosting Quiz Bowl after school this year at LT Ball due to Covid 19 restrictions on close interaction. We hope to be back next year!

Mission Statement

  • The mission of LT Ball Quiz Bowl is to provide students with a venue to challenge themselves academically & competitively in a supervised after school activity with friends.  

    Quiz Bowl allows students an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and portray attitudes of respect for themselves and others as they enjoy academic competition.   

Club Description

  • Quiz Bowl is a computer based trivia and general knowledge contest. Students work on teams to answer questions on a variety of subjects and topics.

    In the Fall, 4th and 5th grade student teams meet for 4 weeks to practice using online practice tests.  The 5th week all our school teams will compete against each other at LT Ball and the top scoring team will be chosen to represent our school in the online competition against other schools from all over the Mid West.  

    The most successful teams are usually those who try to create a diverse team with students who are "experts" in different content areas - books, sports, current events, history, math, science etc. 

Activities Schedule

  • Quiz Bowl will host 4 practice sessions for teams to get acquainted and view the categories and different types of questions that will be used during the competition.  Many times the teams use these practices to determine which of their members are the "go to experts" in specific categories of questions. 

    The practice sessions will be held usually on Wednesdays starting in October.


    The LT Ball Competition will be held early November 

    The winning team will meet to practice one more time

    to prepare for

    Online Thinking Cap Competition in November


    All practices will be held in the LT Ball Library Lab starting after school

    Parents will be asked to provide pick up at 4:15 following practices