2019-2020 5th Grade Science Club

Mission Statement

  • LT Ball Science Club strives to enrich scientific knowledge and curiosity through an adventurous and challenging curriculum that develops students of character, responsibility, and consciousness ready for challenges of the future. 

Club Description

  • Due to the state mandate to keep schools clsoed for the remainder of the academic year, all extracurricular activities are canceled until further notice. I hope you enjoyed being a part of 5th grade science club, and have some great memories. Keep working hard on your school assingments and stay strong. 



    This club is for fifth grade students and is held once a month. Mrs. Fischer is the fifth grade club advisor.  You will need to obtain a permission slip each month from the club bulletin board that is located in the cafeteria in order to participate in this club.  The permission form will need to be returned to Mrs. Fischer in room 11 as soon as possible in order to secure a spot. 

Activities Schedule


    Wednesday, September 4:

    Using various liquids students will create a lava lamp. Density will be displayed and a chemical change will be created in this fun experiment.  3:20-4:15! 


    Wednesday, October 2:

    Slime Time, using liquid glue and Borax studetns will create a polymer chain.  3:20-4:15! 


    Wednesday, October 31:

    WSU medical students will be here to explain how the human body functions. Visuals will be on display. 3:20-4:20 


    Wednesday, January15:

    Fun with fossils. Create a trace, mold or cast fossil in a very short amount of time. 3:20-4:15. 


    Monday, February 3:

    Volcanic reaction. Create a chemical change to make your volcano erupt. 3:20-4:15


    Wednesday, March 11: 

    Bubble Blast! Chemical Change using a vairety of zip lock bags


    Wednesday, April 8: Cancelled, but below is what was planned. We would have looked for signs of erosion and weathering. Nature Walk: Documenting Weathering and Erosion on campus tour, but you can do this around your neighborhood or an open park. 

    Weathering vs Erosion






  • Mrs. Kemberli Fischer