Safety Measures in Our Schools

  • We make student safety & security a high priority at Tipp City Schools with extensive safety measures throughout our schools.  Our administrative team and principals works diligently to ensure that the district-wide emergency plan is current and that all staff members are prepared to respond to a wide variety of school emergencies.  Here are just some of the daily security measures throughout our schools to keep staff and students safe:

    • Visitor Registry:  All visitors must use intercoms to request entry and then register with the front office before having access to the building.

    • Identification Badges:  Substitute teachers and staff members prominently display district ID badges when at school.

    • Security Cameras:  We have cameras in our schools to monitor activity inside and out. 

    • Controlled Access:  All exterior building doors are locked and key entries are monitored by camera.

    • Emergency Radios: Each school is equiped with 2-way emergency radios to receive updates on emergency situations, and to assist in emergency communication if necessary.
    • PC Duress: Computers across our schools have specialized software installed on them to directly notify 911 and emergency responders of a safety emergency at the push of a button.  This greatly reduces any communication delay to have emergency personnel onsite in the case of a safety emergency.

    • Off-Duty Police Presence:  For four years, our district has partnered with the Tipp City Police to have an off duty officer assigned to our schools at various times throughout the day.

    • Nightlock Door Barricade Devices: These devices have been installed on interior doors in all of our facilities. 

    • 3M Window Film: Exterior doors throughout the district are covered with 3M Window Film. This film helps to delay forced entry through glass doors, which gives staff extra time to implement the necessary safety protocols.


    Preparation for emergency situations is also a top priority for the district staff. Here are some of our steps to be prepared for emergency situations as they may arise:

    • Safety Drills:  Regular fire, tornado, and safety drills to prepare staff and students for emergency situations.  This training includes taking shelter in safe areas for severe weather; “hold-in-place” in which there is a dangerous situation away from the campus, but which could impact the campus (routine within the school is maintained; however, doors are secured, with no one entering or leaving the facility, and no outside activities are permitted); “evacuation,” for fire emergencies; and, “lockdown,” in which an imminent danger towards students exists within the school property.  All safety drills are conducted and coordinated with the Tipp City Police.

    • Staff Training: Our staff has received Active Shooter Training.  This training teaches them how to actively respond to an active shooter situation.  Staff are taught to flee the building with their students if they know the shooter is not near their location or lockdown and barricade if the shooter is near them or the location is unknown.

    • Crisis Communications Plan:  The district has a system in place where key administrators are informed of an emergency situation.  In turn, parents and other stakeholders can be informed.  The goal is to quickly and accurately communicate essential information to first responders, district staff, and parents and community members such that safety is maintained throughout an event.