Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open! 

For NEW STUDENTS (grades K-12), please read the directions below for New Student Registration. 

Click here to enroll NEW STUDENTS into Tipp City Schools 

Directions for New Student Registration (Students who are NOT currently enrolled in Tipp City Schools):

1.      Click on the link above, then fill out the Pre-Registration for Enrollment form and click the "Apply to School" button at the bottom.   You will receive an email confirming your enrollment. 

2.      Once your enrollment is accepted by the registrar you will receive another email with additional instructions on how to set up an account to complete the online enrollment forms. Please read all the instructions in your acceptance email and make sure you complete all the forms on the Enrollment tab in PowerSchool. The forms are not visible on all cell phones.  You should use a computer to complete.

3.      When you have completed the online enrollment forms, please upload the required documentation or call the Board of Education at 937-667-8444 to make an appointment to bring in the documentation. Required documentation is listed below.

Enrollment into Tipp City Schools is not FINAL until you have completed the 

Online registration


Uploaded the required documentation 

If you are unable to upload the required documentation, please call the Board of Education to set-up an appointment to bring your documentation in.


Required Documentation:

All of the following items MUST be uploaded or presented during the registration process: 

1.      Driver’s license or state issued photo identification of parent/guardian enrolling student 

2.      Student’s Certified Birth Certificate (Must be an official birth certificate. Hospital records and/or copies will not be accepted) 

3.      Proof of Residency 

a.       Property Deed, Mortgage papers, property tax bill

b.      Current fully executed Lease Agreement with landlord’s name, address and telephone number

c.       House under construction or purchase agreement

d.      Residency Waiver (contact the Board of Education)

i.      Form requires you to have your signatures Notarized

ii.      Must present a copy of the Property Deed/Lease Agreement

4.      Proof of Custody

a.       Complete copy of custody papers in cases of legal separation or divorce, the parent who is enrolling student must present a court ordered custody agreement which indicates the parent enrolling the student is the residential custodian. 

b.      Complete copy of court order in the event of a student being court placed with a non-parent (foster placement, relative placement, etc.)

5.      Immunization Record - dates student’s immunizations were administered (previous district may send with records)

Other items, if applicable:

6.      If your student has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), please contact the Board of Education.


Please call the Tipp City Board of Education Office at 937-667-8444 should you have any questions regarding new student registration or if you are experiences issues with the online system.