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    Ian Porto
    Accelerated 9, CP11, and CP12 English
    667-8448  ext.2753
    Hello and welcome to my website!  I am excited about another year in the classroom and would like to provide a little information about myself.  In addition to this being my fourteenth year teaching here at Tipp, I spent the entirety of my childhood growing up in this community and subsequently, I graduated as a member of the class of 2000 from THS.  I attended The Ohio State University from 2000-2004, where I graduated with a BA in English, and then I spent the next two years at the University of Dayton, earning my teaching certificate in the spring of 2007.
    As far as my interests away from school go, I enjoy playing music (I've been playing the guitar for over 25 years and the piano for a far shorter period of time), reading, staying active, and collecting (and listening to) vinyl records.  Lastly, I love traveling!  I was fortunate to be able to visit Italy for the first time in the summer of 2008; I continue to take an interest in studying / speaking the Italian language returning for three weeks again in the summer of 2010.  In the summer of 2017 I traveled to the UK for the first time and enjoyed time in England and Scotland, in addition to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, over the course of a three week trip!  COVID-19 pending, my wife and I are planning a return trip to Scotland, as well as Ireland, for summer 2021!
    In terms of athletics, I am an avid fan of two professional sports teams the Buffalo Bills (NFL) and the Colorado Avalanche (NHL).  I am involved in sports at the local level as well--  this will be my thirteenth year with the Boys Soccer team as Varsity Assistant Coach.
    Along the left side of the page you will find a series of links, including pages for my Accelerated 9th grade, College Preparatory 11th, and College Preparatory 12th grade English courses.  Therein, you will find an approximation of my weekly lesson plans, as well as other information pertinent to the particular course.  Please be reminded that all lesson plans provided on this website are subject to change without notice, depending on what is accomplished each day in class.  The student will be held responsible for any in-class changes and consequently, such differences will supercede omissions or discrepancies found on this site.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point during the year, either with questions / comments about your child's school work, or simply to say hello.  Thanks!
Last Modified on August 28, 2020