• Accelerated Reader Program
    Various books can be classified as an Accelerated Reader (AR) book.  To find out if a book your child has read is an AR book or not, please visit http://www.arbookfind.com.  Also, Mrs. Potter, your local librarian, and school librarian, can help you find if a book is an AR book.  Here are the following steps in the AR program in class.
    Step 1:  Child reads an AR book.
    Step 2:  Child comes to school with the book, title, and author name after they have read and spent time with the book
    Step 3:  Child uses their AR user name & password at school to login to the AR program on the classroom computer, they search for the book, and take a quiz over the book.
    Step 4:  Child's score is reviewed by Mrs. Potter  your child must score an 80% or higher on the online quiz to determine adequacy in comprehension.
    Step 5:  Child can view the correct answers to any missed questions.
    Step 6:  If the child scored an 80% or higher on the quiz, the child will get credit for one AR point in class.
    • Child will be allowed to test one time only per book.
    • AR points will be charted in the classroom to build student efficacy in their achievements.
    • Most Junie B. Jones and Magic Treehouse Books are also classified as AR books :-)
    • Many books that we read in class and in your child's guided reading group are classified as AR books.

    For more information on the AR program, please view the following website: 
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Last Modified on August 25, 2013