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    There are several steps to open enroll a student at Tipp City Schools.  Open Enrollment at Tipp City Schools is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the program remains successful for our students and our schools. You must re-apply every year (see annual application process).  New Student Registration for Open Enrollment   is completed ONLINE using the instructions below.

    Step One - Eligibility and Application Acceptance

    Eligibility Requirements

    1. You must live in an adjacent district - Bethel, Miami East, Milton Union, Troy, Vandalia - and provide your proof of residency (deed or lease).  
    2. If open enrolling a kindergartner, the kindergartener must be 5 by August 1st.  
    3. You must complete the OPEN ENROLLMENT APPLICATION annually.  The application must be submitted by May 1. (PLEASE NOTE: This application windows is shorter than in previous years.)

    The Annual Application Process

    In order to be open enrolled at Tipp City Schools, a parent/guardian must complete the annual application.  This is regardless of whether the student was previously enrolled at Tipp City Schools or would be attending for the first time.

    1. Applications are required to be completed annually and are made available here April 1 and must be submitted by May 1. (PLEASE NOTE: This application windows is shorter than in previous years.)
    2. The District will send an acceptance or denial notification to the parent/guardian by June 30.
    3. If accepted for open enrollment, the parent/guardian must then complete the New Student Online Enrollment form for students attending Tipp City Schools for the first time.  Or, if the open enrollment application was for annual renewal, the parent/guardian will complete the annual online re-registration process.

    Step Two - New Student Registration / Re-Registration

    For Renewed Open Enrollment Applicants

    After receiving your annual acceptance letter confirming approval for open enrollment, please complete the Annual Re-Registration Paperwork. This only applies to students who have previously and continuously been renewed for open enrollment to Tipp City Schools. 

    For New Open Enrolled Students

    After reading all instructions, complete the online enrollment forms by clicking on the Enroll Online button at bottom of this page.  Completion of the new student online enrollment forms will take approximately 20-30 minutes. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR CONFIRMATION OF ACCEPTANCE LETTER FOR OPEN ENROLLMENT.

    PART ONE: Completing Online Enrollment

      1. When you click the Enroll Online button below, you will first be taken to a page that says Create Account/Sign In.  Select Create Account.  

        Creating an account allows you to
        • complete the online registration process
        • save and return to the online registration in process  (you do not have to complete the registration in one sitting)
        • print registration form history

      1. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to the online forms.  Follow the instructions and complete the forms.  All sections marked with an * are required. PLEASE ANSWER THE FIRST QUESTION THAT ASKS IF YOU HAVE BEEN ENROLLED OR ATTENDED TIPP CITY SCHOOLS PREVIOUSLY.

      2. If you need technical assistance with the form, visit https://help.powerschool.com/t5/Registration/ct-p/PowerSchoolRegistration/en

      3. The process will conclude with a message to schedule an enrollment appointment if you have not yet submitted the required paperwork.

    If you do not have access to the internet, you can visit the Tipp City Public Library and use their computers, or contact any school office or the Tipp City Board of Education office, 937-667-8444, and schedule an appointment to complete the Online Registration process.  The Online Registration MUST be completed before a student may attend Tipp City Schools.

    PART TWO: Completing the Enrollment Appointment

    The online registration will conclude with a message option to schedule an enrollment appointment.  Enrollment appointments are held at the school office of the building you student will be attending.  Please be aware that many of the school office close during the summer and re-open at the beginning of August.

    Parents should bring/provide the following documents to the appointment at the school office:

        1. Birth Certificate
        2. Photo of Student
        3. Proof of Residence (lease or deed)
        4. Immunization records
        5. All special education/504 documents
        6. Drivers License for Identification
        7. Custody Papers (if applicable)
        8. For new HS Students: Copy of Transcript or Last Year's Grade Card

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