February 20, 2018 - Facilities Master Plan Development

On Tuesday, February 20, the Tipp City Schools Board of Education held an evening meeting for community engagement on facilities planning as it evaluates plans to address the continued facility needs for grades K-8.  Superintendent Dr. Gretta Kumpf presented a brief history of the Tipp City Schools facilties.  Liz Robbins, the school-community relations coordinator, presented a reflection on the bond levy for a PK-3 at hte current Broadway site that failed in the spring of 2016. Gary Pfister, the district's director of services who oversees facilities and maintenance, presented the possible investments that could be put into LT Ball Intermediate School and Tipecanoe Middle School to extend their lifespan while not creating any additonal costs to taxpayers.

The evening then broke out into small group table discussions to discuss the possibilities and to seek community feedback on the future of the Tipp City Schools facilities.  Each table reported back a brief summary of their discussion and the administration collected table reports of feedback that are being compiled and will be shared here on the district website.

The district administration and board members were encouraged by and thankful for the number of communtiy members who took the time to come out and share their feedback.  The event was productive and informative, and the  school district looks forward to continued feedback sessions on this important topic.


Check out the full slideshow below:

First slide from the community meeting