November 2016

LTPA November 8, 2016
In attendance:
Shannon Snipes, Erin Bickert,Virginia McDermott,Jennifer Kozen,Tricia Mullenkamp, Mike Vagedes, Jeannie Weldon,Jamie Boisard
Welcome: Mr. Vagedes reported that the Hoe Down went well, also thanked everyone who worked hard on the sub fundraiser, thank you to everyone who donated their time and food to the teacher conference meal, pretzel day, box tops, t-shirt sale, and bazaar.
Treasurer: Welcome Jamie Boisard who will be our new treasurer. Thank you Tricia for all of your hard work and dedication to LTPA.
Jeannie explained to Jamie what all LTPA funds, we also discussed using credit cards, Jamie is comfortable accepting credit cards as a form of payment in addition to cash and credit cards.
Pretzel Day: Everything went great!
Box Tops: 8,183 submitted, $818.13 pending approval, $1,012.20 to arrive in January.
Directory-Shannon: Sent 2 emails to teachers. If child’s info was not submitted for the directory childs name will go on the list with no info.
Jeannie: Spirit wear we have bling shirts! Wear the Message, they set up the website and we can order online.
Erin made a motion to order more sign post’s for the Bazaar, 2nd by Virginia, 3rd by Shannon