December 2016

LTPA Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2016
Bethany Czapor – Secretary
Brett Elliott – Counselor
Mike Vagedes – Principal
Jaime Vaisard - Treasurer
Tricia Muhlenkamp – Treasurer
Jeannie Weldon – Director
Erin Bickert – Co-Director
 Jeannie welcomed everyone and we voted to have our next LTPA meeting on February 13, 2017
Mr. Vagedes
 Staff Birthday Party on 12/30/17…asking volunteers to donate treats.
 A BIG thank you to everyone who worked and helped with the bazaar…it went really well.
 Storage – Mr. Vagedes will check storage space and make room for LTPA
 Shannon Snipes, worked on Directory said it has a good purpose and meaning, but Checking if it’s worth it for next year.
 Dayton Dragons –
 Sub Sale – Lieber/Hanes won the pizza party, Mr. Elliott said he would pick up Little Caesars, if it would help make things cheaper.
 Mr. Vagedes is looking for 2 parents/staff to be on the levy committee, and to work close with the superintendent.
Mr. Elliott
 Veteran’s Day went GREAT! Thanks to everyone who help.
 Blizzard Blast
 Looking for weekly donations for S.O.A.R Prizes for good behavior.
Treasure Report
 Bazaar total - $3,610.62
 Spirit wear is in and ready to ship
 Bethany gave a little update on the Bazaar and we decided on a date for 2017…
November 18, 2017.
 Banners are being remade and with the new date (Thanks Jeanie for your help wit