2015 - 2016 Recipients

Outstanding Overall Productions

 •  Urinetown the Musical 


Awards of Excellence

Adult Design and Production
     Lighting Design
      •  Jim Sagona - Almost, Maine

      •  Jim Sagona - Urinetown the Musical

     Sound Design
      •  Jim Sagona - Almost, Maine

Student Design and Production
     Scenic Design
      •  Theatrical Production Students - Almost, Maine
      •  Theatrical Production Students - Urinetown the Musical

     Musical Direction
      •  Rachel Sagona - Urinetown the Musical

     Performance in a Leading Role
      •  Maya Vyas as Little Sally in Urinetown the Musical

     Ensemble Performance
      •  The Cast of Urinetown the Musical

 Special Categories
      •  Rick Mack & Tori Merrick for Scenic Painting, Urinetown the Musical

Awards of Merit

Adult Design and Production
     Costume Design
      •  Elaine Pleiman - Urinetown the Musical

Student Design and Production
     Sound Design
      •  MK Lee - Urinetown the Musical

     Performance in a Supporting Role
      •  Jack Armentrout as Hot Blades Harry in Urinetown the Musical
      •  Braden Stafford as Officer Barrel in Urinetown the Musical

     Performance in a Leading Role
      •  Ali Merrick as Glory in Almost, Maine
      •  Braden Stafford as Steve in Almost, Maine
      •  Lydia Etchison as Hope Cladwell in Urinetown the Musical
      •  Maria Baldasare as Officer Lockstock in Urinetown the Musical

Special Categories
      •  Tori Merrick for Scenic Painting, Almost, Maine
      •  Orchestra for Musical Accompaniment, Urinetown the Musical