Third Grade Policies


Welcome to Third Grade!

Important Information

Assignment Notebook and

Red Communication Folder

I would like to briefly notify you of several policies that I have in my classroom this year.  Students are required to write in their Assignment Notebook daily.  I also require that parents initial the notebook nightly to let me know that you have seen their daily assignments and notes sent home.  I have found this practice to be very successful and helpful for both students and parents as a communication tool.  If I have a question or concern, I may leave you a note to let you know in this notebook as well.  In addition to the notebook, all teachers have a Red Communication Folder that will contain homework assignments, notes home and due dates of important assignments.  Students are required to carry this folder to and from school, along with the Assignment Notebook.  The folder contains two pockets, one for paper to be returned back to school, and one for papers to stay at home.  This is where you can look for homework papers to be completed and ensure that they return this back to school safely.  Please ask nightly to see both the Red Folder and the Assignment Notebook. 


Broadway Bucks/Behavior Policy

Students will be earning “Broadway Bucks” this year in their classroom.  They will receive coins and/ or bills for having positive behavior, participating in class, and following school wide rules. Students can get their money taken away if they have negative behavior. If there is a serious concern with a student I will contact parents immediately. Students will be earning both individual money and class money each month. At the end of each month students will have “store” where they can spend their “Broadway Bucks” they have earned for the month. My goal for this money system is for students to learn how to count and spend money responsibly, and for students to learn positive behavior. If you have any questions about this policy please let me know.


Reading Logs

It is important for your child to develop confidence as readers and this is accomplished in part through independent daily reading experiences. Each month your child will receive a calendar to record nightly readings of their choice. I require 20 minutes nightly 4 nights a week.  Parents, please just sign your initials each night in the appropriate box of the calendar when you see that this is completed. The calendar will be in your child’s red take home folder. Normally after the New Year I will increase the reading time to 30 minutes. The calendar is due the last day of the month. This is very important for students to complete. Reading Logs are a part of their reading grade.


Math Homework


I do not require a math log nightly like I do in reading. However I highly recommend your child practices their math facts at least 4 nights a week. I do not require this, but I strongly advise your child practices addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. This can be done with flashcards, math websites, I-Ready, etc. (on my teacher website I have a list of math website students can use) Students will be required to fluently work with math facts in third grade. Each week your child will have 2 to 3 nights of math homework that I will assign. The homework is normally a worksheet that goes along with the lesson from that day. I take a grade on at least one math homework assignment each week.



Book Orders


We will be ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs throughout the year.  This is a good opportunity to purchase books on the appropriate reading level for your child at a discounted price.  Points earned from our orders will be used to purchase more books for our classroom library.  When ordering please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. If ordering online, please make sure to use our classroom code, so our class receives the credit!



This year for student's spelling lists we will be using a program called Words Their Way. Words Their Way is a developmental spelling, phonics, and vocabulary program. A word study program allows teachers to provide differentiated efficient, effective instruction in phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Each week students will have spelling words that will be individualized. Spelling tests will be every Friday and students will receive their new words on Fridays as well. Along with spelling tests students will be given dictation sentences to help students learn sentence structure. Later in the year students will create their own dictation sentences and be given bonus words on spelling tests.



Accelerated Reading Program


  The Accelerated Reading Program will also be continued this year. These books as well as others can be used to fulfill the Reading Log nightly work. When a book is completely read, the student comes to school prepared to take a computerized test which gives them a score and points.  Students in my class will also be expected to take some quizzes over books read aloud in class.  There is a school-wide reward system for this program.   Mrs. Kiser, the librarian, will reward students throughout the year based on how many points they have earned. 



Students are allowed and encouraged to bring a water bottle and a snack to school every day. I read to student’s everyday while they enjoy their snack. Students are only allowed to bring in water to the classroom. Colored drinks can spill and make stains on the carpet. Most students will bring a water bottle to school and leave at school to refill. I try to encourage healthy snacks but students may bring any snack of their choice.



Data Books


Data Binders will be used this year for students and parents to keep track of progress in the classroom.  Data books will be sent home quarterly for parents to view.  Students will have access to their Data Book daily.  Entries and updates will be made weekly. 


Weekly Emails/Website

Every Friday during the school year I will send out weekly updates through email. Please make sure I have the best email to contact you on the Parent information paper. I will notify you of important updates etc. weekly through email. I will also post anything that is very important on my website like an important date or E-Day packets. Please make sure you check your email weekly.




I look forward to working with you and your child this year.  Please inform me of any special concerns that you think I need to know about your child.  I hope for a successful and productive year in third grade!  Thanks so much for sharing your child with me!



Liz Lewis 

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