We hope our dads have a wonderful Father's Day! #WEareTIPP
7 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Happy Father's Day
StageCrafters campers and counselors are excited for this weekend's production of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. It's amazing what these young people have accomplished in just two weeks. Curtain time is tonight at 7:00 PM at THS. Saturday shows are at 3:00 and 7:00. #WEareTIPP
9 days ago, Tipp City Schools
StageCrafters behind the scene
Two students hold up one of the costumes for the show.
A student sings an song from Beauty and the Beast, Jr.
Stagecrafters campers perform.
It was a bit of a wild adventure at today's summer school. Bruckner Nature Center brought its Wildlife Encounter to students. Bruckner says bringing live animals to students fosters a greater appreciation for Ohio wildlife and the diverse habitats Ohio has to offer. #WEareTIPP
11 days ago, Tipp City Schools
A student at summer school looks at a salamander.
Students participate in a nature activity with Bruckner Nature Center.
Bruckner Nature Center visits summer school.
Our young performers sing and dance their way across the stage rehearsing Beauty and the Beast, Jr. during StageCrafters theatre camp! We have some very talented stars and counselors! #WEareTIPP
13 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Young performers rehearse a dance move.
Students perform at Stagerafters.
The cast of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. rehearse a scene.
Two performers rehearse at StageCrafters
Volleyball camp was a huge success. Thank you to the Tippecanoe Middle School coaches for organizing this opportunity and to the counselors who helped teach the skills and inspire a passion for the game! #WEareTIPP
13 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Volleyball camp participants.
The Tippecanoe Middle School coaches volleyball camp will conclude tomorrow, Friday, June 10th. Campers will meet 8:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. Coaches hope all of the participants can join for the final day! If unable to attend please reach out via email to the coaches. #WEareTIPP
17 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Because of property damage and loss of power in our community caused by tonight's tornado, Tipp City Schools is canceling all activities in the district for Thursday, June 9th. We hope everyone is safe and stays safe.
17 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Important Information
A few more last-day-of-school smiles. #WEareTIPP
23 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Broadway clapout.
Three girls with last day of school hates.
Mrs. Martin selfie.
A kindergarten class poses on the last day of school.
Broadway Elementary students appreciate the school's beautiful outside learning center. Thank you to our community members who donated funds through Tipp Monroe Community Services and the volunteers from Upper Room Worship Center who created this wonderful garden space. Shoutout to former educators Ruth White and Georgia Bayman for "planting" the idea. "WEareTIPP #TogetherweareExtraordinary
23 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Child doing art work in the garden.
Children doing artwork in the garden.
Student completing a project in the school garden.
Broadway Elementary 3rd grader, now a 4th grader, Jenna Combs made diplomas for her classmates to distribute on the last day of school. #WEareTIPP
23 days ago, Tipp City Schools
"Diplomas" for the Class of 2031.
A 3rd grader made diplomas for her classmates.
We know our students are happy to be on summer break. However, we can't resist sharing a few more last-day-of-school photos. #WEareTIPP #TogetherweareExtraordinary
24 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Three students on their last day of school at Broadway.
Nevin Coppock students pose on their last day.
LT Ball staff get a bit crazy on their last day.
Mr. Brown poses with his student on the last day of first grade.
Join us in congratulating Nevin Coppock 1st grade teacher Nancy Sowder on her retirement after 40+ years of teaching. Thank you for your passion and commitment to excellence! #WEareTIPP #TogetheweareExtraordinary #traditionofexcellence
25 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Nancy Sowder.  Retirement.  42 years in education
We continue celebrating our retirees by congratulating LT Ball music teacher Sharon Pfister! Thank you for your dedication to teaching and inspiring our youth during your many years of service. #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence #TogetherweareExtraordinary
25 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Sharon Pfister.  Retirement.  35 years of service.
Today, we continue congratulating our retirees. To get us started this morning, join us in wishing LT Ball secretary Teresa Muir a wonderful, happy, healthy retirement. Thank you for your dedication to Tipp City Schools. #WEareTIPP
25 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Teresa Muir.  Congratulations on your retirement.
Can we get a shoutout for our next retiree? Congratulations to Broadway Elementary secretary Lynn Hutchinson on her much-deserved retirement! Thank you for being a part of Tipp City Schools! #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence #TogetherweareExtraordinary
25 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Lynn Hutchinson.  Congratulations on your retirement.
Oops. We forgot to post the picture of Mitch Fry! Congratulations Mitch. We hope retirement is wonderful. #WEareTIPP
26 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Mitch Fry.  Congratulations on retirement.
Our next retiree we want to congratulate is Tippecanoe High School lead custodian extraordinaire Mitch Fry. Let's get a round of applause for his service to Tipp City Schools. #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence #TogetherweareExtraordinary
26 days ago, Tipp City Schools
There is so much to celebrate at the end of the school year including our six 2021-2022 retirees! Up first is LT Ball Intermediate teacher Kem Fischer! Join us in giving her a big round of applause for her commitment to students! #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence
26 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Congrats on the retirement Kem Fischer.
Congratulations to the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment Teacher of the Year nominees! Back row left to right: Jennifer Galloway, Matt Lieber, Stephen Monath, MacKenzie English, and Aaron Jackson. Front row left to right: Beth Hanes, Katy Scott, Nancy Sowder (Teacher of the Year), Christina Pentaudi, and Katelyn Slyman. #WEareTIPP
26 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Ten Teacher of the Year Nominees.
Remembering those who have died in service.
27 days ago, Tipp City Schools
Memorial Day.  Remember and Honor.