Can we get a shoutout for our next retiree? Congratulations to Broadway Elementary secretary Lynn Hutchinson on her much-deserved retirement! Thank you for being a part of Tipp City Schools! #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence #TogetherweareExtraordinary
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Lynn Hutchinson.  Congratulations on your retirement.
Oops. We forgot to post the picture of Mitch Fry! Congratulations Mitch. We hope retirement is wonderful. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Mitch Fry.  Congratulations on retirement.
Our next retiree we want to congratulate is Tippecanoe High School lead custodian extraordinaire Mitch Fry. Let's get a round of applause for his service to Tipp City Schools. #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence #TogetherweareExtraordinary
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
There is so much to celebrate at the end of the school year including our six 2021-2022 retirees! Up first is LT Ball Intermediate teacher Kem Fischer! Join us in giving her a big round of applause for her commitment to students! #WEareTIPP #traditionofexcellence
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Congrats on the retirement Kem Fischer.
Congratulations to the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment Teacher of the Year nominees! Back row left to right: Jennifer Galloway, Matt Lieber, Stephen Monath, MacKenzie English, and Aaron Jackson. Front row left to right: Beth Hanes, Katy Scott, Nancy Sowder (Teacher of the Year), Christina Pentaudi, and Katelyn Slyman. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Ten Teacher of the Year Nominees.
Remembering those who have died in service.
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Memorial Day.  Remember and Honor.
CONGRATULATIONS to our Teacher of the Year! The Tippecanoe Educational Endowment selected Nevin Coppock 1st grade teacher Nancy Sowder as its 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year! (Next week we will recognize all nominees and this year's retirees.)
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Congratulations to Nancy Sowder, this year's Teacher of the Year.
Tippecanoe Middle School students enjoyed some Field Day activities before the heavy rain arrived. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
TMS student at Field Day.
A TMS student dunked his teacher at the dunk tank.
TMS students play a game at Field Day.
A student at TMS field day.
Join us in welcoming the newest little Red Devil to the world! Congratulations to our band director/music teacher Stephen Monath, his wife and family. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Stephen Monath and his wfie hold their new baby daughter.
Tippecanoe Middle School 8th graders are building roller coasters in science class. Using only paper and tape, students must build a ride that has loops or corkscrews, uphill sections, a drop or jump, and a unique element for "riders" (in this case marbles). Students will test their final designs later this week. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Two TMs students work on building their roller coaster.
Two TMS students consult with each other to determine what adjustments should be made to their design.
A TMS students adds a frame to her paper roller coaster.
A TMS 8th grader works on his tall roller coaster.
Congratulations to the Tippecanoe High School Class of 2022!
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Happy Graduation Day to the Class of 2022
How special is this? Seventh and 8th-graders in the public speaking class of Amy Armentrout are finishing up tribute speeches. They were encouraged to invite their "person" into the class to hear the speech. On Wednesday, four students invited their older siblings in and they all happened to be their older brothers! Left to right are Landon and Lexi Luginbuhl, Emersyn and Maddox Sivon, Carson and Jackson Robbins, Sebastien and Hadassah Finch. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Four TMS students pose with their older brothers who were the subject of their speeches.
Parents, Tippecanoe Middle School needs your support! The Battle for Mount Olympus(Field Day) takes place on May 27th. Please consider volunteering for a game, donating water, or donating frozen ices. You can sign up here #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Logo for Volunteer Sign Up
Thank you to our K-12 teachers for creating this wonderful tradition for Tippecanoe High School seniors. Each year the soon-to-be graduates receive a writing folder, a collection of work from their younger days in school Doesn't this bring a smile to your face? #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
THS seniors look at their writing folders.
THS seniors smile and laugh looking through their writing folders.
Next up today, join us in applauding the Tippecanoe Middle School 7th and 8th band for their fantastic performance at last night's Spring Concert. Thank you to directors Steve Parks and Stephen Monath, and student teacher Brendin Gillem. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
TMS 7th and 8th grade band performs at their Spring Concert.
Musicians perform at the TMS Spring Conert.
The TMS 7th and 8th grade band.
TMS band students perform at the annual Spring Concert.
LT Ball 4th graders in the class of Erica Brogan visited Tippecanoe Middle School for a fun activity. TMS students enrolled in Design Thinking taught by Dale Bonifas created breakout boxes based on 4th grade standards. Students solved puzzles and problems to escape! #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
LT Ball students work in the breakout room.
LT Ball and TMS students work together on the breakout project.
Students try to unlock the breakout box.
Students work together to solve problems and puzzles to escape.
Our Tippecanoe Middle School 6th grade band wowed their parents, families and friends with their performance at last night's Spring Concert directed by Stephen Monath. It is amazing how much they developed their skills and talent in one year. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
TMS 6th grade band performing at their spring concert.
The TMS 6th grade band follows their director.
The TMS 6th grade band performs.
The TMS 6th grade band.
Using a solar filter to safely view the sun, Tippecanoe Middle School 7th grade students in the class of Mackenzie English are learning about the moon and sun, and how eclipses occur. Though the next solar eclipse doesn't happen until April 8, 2024, students are able to view the sun and make observations about its surface. The filter on the front of the telescope blocks out all the UV light and most of the visible light, making it safe to look at the beauty!
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Students look through a telescope.
The sun as seen through a telescope by Tippecanoe Middle School students.
TMS students looking through a telescope as they study about the sun and moon.
A telescope is set at up Tippecanoe Middle School for students to use.
Congratulations to Tippecanoe Middle School track athlete, Landon Kimmel who brought home a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in the 1600m race at the 2022 OHSAA MS State Championship Meet. He also shattered the old state record in the 1600m race by nine seconds!!! #WEarerTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
Logo for the OHSAA
A belated shoutout to our Tippecanoe Middle School Power of the Pen STATE qualifiers competing at Otterbein University. Writers are 8th graders Lucy McClure & Avery Anderson and 7th grader Lukas Heitbrink. Awesome advisors are Brittasha Thompson & Bridget Hughes. #WEareTIPP
3 months ago, Tipp City Schools
TMS Power of the Pen Team at State Competition