Two Tipp City Police Officers

Tipp City Schools, Tipp City Police Department, and the City of Tipp City are pleased to partner to make schools safer for students, staff, and the community. The three organizations signed a memorandum of understanding to employ two School Resource Officers.

The Tipp City Police Department selected officers Phil Osting and Warren Edmondson to serve as the first full-time SROs for the district.

Police Chief Greg Adkins said, "Both officers are well credentialed and have previous experiences as SROs. They will be an asset to Tipp City Schools."

Osting joined the force in 2021. Previously he worked with the Miami County Sheriff's Department and Covington Police Department. Edmondson recently joined the Tipp City Police Department after 15 years with the sheriff's office. Both completed the required SRO training. 

Incoming Tipp City Schools superintendent Aaron Moran met with the new SROs and said, "Enhanced police presence in our schools is one more tool available to the district to provide the safest, most secure learning environment possible."

The Ohio School Resource Officers Association (OSROA) believes that the presence of a properly trained School Resource Officer within a school provides a first line of defense against violence, fosters communication/partnerships between educators, law enforcement, students, and parents, and ensures safer and more productive school communities. 

Deputy Chief Jack Davis explained, "A consistent, highly visible police presence on a school campus can deter crime. They can stop things before they become issues because they are trained to notice suspicious people and behaviors."

SROs can conduct in-service safety training for employees, advise on crisis preparedness, handle situations, and assist in conflict mediation efforts. They also serve as positive role models for students. 

"SROs I have worked with developed relationships and good rapport with students. This is great for creating a positive climate and culture in a school," added Davis.

Officer Dan Rittenhouse will continue to serve as the DARE Officer at LT Ball.